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I swear, I am not that lame and all that.

 Well yeah, maybe I am. So yeah. I promised on Thursday that I would catch up and read everyone’s stuff as well as make my own post.  Unfortunately, yet fortunately, my day got derailed.  I got asked to do the opening of a new establishment in Santa Fe. Since I have yet to have my …

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Is it live, or is it Memorex?

First off, I would like to apologize for not having the time to check out everyone’s posts today. I had driving both kids to deal with as well as biking to the train, training to ABQ, biking to mechanic, and driving back to SF.  Long ass day, but I WILL catch up.  That being said, …

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All my friends know the low rider.

As USUAL, not ready for my meaty post (still driving both kids) but just wanted to share some news as well as some stupids from yesterday. NEWS My artwork was selected to be in a major art fair in NYC this October.  I am still weighing the pros and cons of the event, and what …