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Dave Roskos
Artist & Poet
Dave Roskos edits Big Hammer & Street Value magazines under the imprint Iniquity Press/Vendetta Books. His books Fall & All, & Lyrical Grain, Doggerel Chaff, & Pedestrian Preoccupations are available on Amazon. He lives in his home state of New Jersey with his wife the poet Jen Dunford.
Gonzo Library of the Indy Outlaw
Jen Dunford
Artist & Poet
Jen Dunford-Roskos is from Providence RI, where she was active in the poetry scene, and was close friends with the poet Dave Church, who wrote the introduction to her first book. She has been living in New Jersey with her husband, the poet Dave Roskos, since 2011. Her newest book, Begging a Bowl of Birthright Stew, is at the printer & will be out soon.
Writer, Philosopher, Comedian
Patch Kelly
Maz Misc
Artist & Writer
Maz Misc Art


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