Sorry For The Hiatus

I am extremely sorry for the lack of posts. I had no choice but to have a hiatus of sorts.  I had left town for just a few days, upon returning I severely injured my elbow and was pretty much useless.  If that was not bad enough, from spending so much time in medical facilities I the caught the norovirus (AND passed it on to everyone else in my household.) Of course it could not end there, again, from all my time in medical facilities I contracted MRSA! Seriously, MRSA!  The super bug, I am currently on my second round of antibiotics and have to keep my arm, bandaged to avoid the spread of it.

I had a neck procedure scheduled a few days from now that I will have to cancel, as they will not let me in the operating room with MRSA.

ANYWAY, that is what happened.  I am now trying to gather submissions, requests, etc.  I may have to see if there is anyone that wants to take over the posts when these things happen so that it does not bring everything to a halt. 

Again, sorry for any delays.