Golem by Matt Borkowski


clay wedding figure
straddles yellow line
three ton flame follows
Golem home

seeking some vanishing point
the crack under the door shouldn’t admit light
but it does,

news from the bureau hasn’t been good,

but Golem denies it,

the company needs a new trademark, can’t move
enough people with the old one;

so Golem sends 40 tons of bananas overseas to
and curses the gamble, but what can he do?
it’s sink or swim,
damns the old emblem, it’s silly colors


              Golem Tuesday Morning

Golem brushes his teeth, shines his shoes
factories out like a thick law journal praising progress,
every creed wilts celebration under Golem,

who makes dog food out of their hands and feet
sending helium balloons to the survivors

            Golem Wednesday 2:17 P.M.

Golem goes to the dentist, mumbling “forgiveness is formlessness”
his dentist agrees, and tells him to dig the Tchaikovsky tape in
the elevator,
newsboy in wheelchair stares at Golem as he leaves

Golem feels compassion, not pity,
they should build more ramps, he thinks,
that’s the way to go.

              Golem Friday in the Warehouse

perusing the white lines,
he likes what he sees, the neat rowed boxes
stacked on pallets filled with severed heads
waiting for shipment should bring a good price,

Golem adjusts his flag pin,
runs his thumbnail
down his
red vest,

Golem is pleased, he will tell Mrs. Golem tonight over dinner,
they may be able to afford
the summer home in the Hamptons,
after all,

Golem turns aside,
away from the WORLD,

touches the soft aching flesh of his
prick through the hole in his pocket.

Monday is Golem’s birthday, he’s accomplished
much in his 43 years,

more than most
and he never stumbled,
never faltered,

and most important,


what the personal cost and aggravation….
and it hasn’t been easy.


that’s the miracle

              Golem at Work, Golem at Play

Golem at a softball game,
Golem and more Golem.

Golem in the mountains,
Golem fishing in the sea,
Golem at a party,
Golem drinking tea,
Golem with new shoes,
Golem in sweat pants,
Golem naked
his right foot in the air,
Golem in the barber’s chair.

Golem this and Golem that,

Golem addressing a group of younger, yet rising
Golem on a train platform,
the New York Times folded neatly under his arm,

Golem, in a lawn chair
sipping an ice cold beer,

Golem driving Mrs. Golem to her Aerobics class.

Golem alone.

Golem with Golem junior.

Golem drunk on New Year’s Eve singing
should old acquaintance be forgot!”
Golem sick on New Year’s Day.
Golem yelling through the football game,
Come on, COME ON!,” pounding his fists
on the table,
Golem excited.

the many, many moods of Golem.

Golem visiting his dying father in the hospital
saying, “don’t worry, you’ll be O.K.”
Golem lying.
Golem thinking, well, it’s not the end of the world.
even the end of the world isn’t the end of the world
to Golem.

Golem in despair,
Golem feigning charity.

Golem angry at the traffic
Golem, on the telephone complaining about

Golem greeting other Golems at a small gathering,
Golems everywhere.

Golem likes himself and other Golems,
or at least he tries to, that’s the kind of
Golem he is.

kind Golem,
patient Golem,

and most important,


Golem voting for his favorite candidate on November 5th,
Golem happy when his candidate wins,
Golem not surprised,
Golem says the tide has turned,
Golem knows things will get much better now.

Golem believes his country is the GREATEST COUNTRY IN
Golem believes in freedom,
Golem sorry other Golems in other countries aren’t
free like him,

Golem loves his freedom.

Freedom to be the kind of Golem he wants to be,
freedom to watch any show he wants on television,
freedom to read anything his Golem heart desires,
freedom to buy any kind of car he wants and finance it
through any bank he wants, with any type of payment plan
he wants,

freedom to drink any brand of soft drink he chooses,
anytime he chooses,
freedom not to drink soft drinks, freedom to say
fuck soft drinks, fuck all soft drinks,
I’ll just drink water, Thank You…..

Golem thinks we should free the entire globe,
even if we have to use force,
even if we have to kill a lot of people in the
process…..they’ll thank us for it


Golem and Mrs. Golem agree,

it’s damn nice
being free

– by Matt Borkowski