Hi all! I am in the air still about what I wish to do with this site. I have most of my sites pulled down right now while I decide what direction to take them in.

There has also been a little bit of discussion of Paul and I doing some collaboration again.

I kind of lost my momentum here when the online stalking began. I had fun with that at first, but then I was disturbed and not sure how much to reveal here. Something will end up here as soon as I decide.

In the meantime, I do have a site that I am working on, I am not sure how many folks on here will have an interest, but I figured that I would plug it here and see if anyone cares to stop by.

It is a more publication, less blog-like site that focuses on vintage erotica as well as some vintage fetish. It also has some amusing, very dated, PSA’s and educational videos about pornography and sex education. I’m not sure what else I will add yet, it is still a little sparse as I have just began.

Come on and check it out!


Hope that everyone is well!!! I am stalling on my art, overeating, and going through some health issues that have put me on meds that make me lazy and hungry!

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