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… been gone so long …

Yes. It HAS been a long time. During that time I have been bending my mind, because YES, I am coming back! One of the problems is choosing my new theme and the like. I’m almost there.

I also come here with a plea. On top of getting back to a “blog,” a more cohesive one at that, I am in the process of expanding my art business. I am doing some different types of art, as well as creating some interesting products. But then there is the dig. 

I recently experienced a pretty bad electronic and technological loss (another reason that I have not been able to start the blog back up or be here to support all of you for that matter.) I’m no longer able to produce the majority of my work until this loss is recovered.

To help raise funds to recover, I’m having a ridiculous sale of my work that is currently in stock and on my website. 50% or more off of items. Small things like matted photographic prints are starting as low as $10. Small aluminums starting at $25. 

If anyone is a fan of my work, or knows someone who might like it, please consider a purchase, or sharing the sale with others. Someone also set up a small donation site for me as well, in case someone would like to go that route, but I am not going to post that unless someone asks. I am hoping to give something in return, like a well discounted piece of art!

In conclusion … I do miss y’all and hope to get back into the groove a.s.a.p. 

Link to my site for those not in the know.

Feel free to drop me a line any time as well, there are occasional times that I can be in touch and would love to hear from you. And I could update you on my ups and downs. Aside from catastrophic technological failures, my life has tamed down quite a bit. That does not mean that I can not offer you a little adventure though!

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