So originally http://bondagedopeandpunkrock.com was supposed to be stupid humor. Then it was supposed to be more of an account back to the old days of my youth. Then it was supposed to be day by day recovery “blog” (blah.) NOW … stupid humor with some articles and perhaps some of the back to the days of my youth stories. Some days it might only be a single silly image with no words at all. The site will be roll of the dice, yet different than bizarredatanoise (though I would love to do some transformation on bizarredatanoise … maybe that is the plus side of the Aussie watching over me … HI DAWN!) Perhaps the outside drunken presence looking in at me will make BOTH sites reach their potential and maybe even have a coherent theme.

Anyway, on with the show!

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6 Comments on “BONDGE, DOPE, & PUNK ROCK! IT’s BACK!

    1. Problem solved! I have to put special permissions on to allow readers. Special precautions taken to keep my old pages locked for now, so that the Aussie can’t access what I don’t want her to.

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