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The holidays are hoppin’!

Ah, the holidays. Not really a fan to tell you the truth. Regardless, I am here to wish you all so me Thanksgiving cheer. I actually have a lot of great posts swimming in my head … BUT … I am unable to sit and gather them to post. The reasons are good ones!

My piece came in late that is getting hung at Hotel Andaluz, so I have to drive it down to ABQ. While in ABQ, I have to pick up some of my extra pieces from a show I am in in Nob Hill. Why do I need to pick them up? Because I need to gather as many pieces as I can, because a new gallery is opening in downtown Santa Fe, their opening is this Friday, it is a HUGE event, and they are giving me a whole wall for my work!!!

I also got commissioned to do a rather large, pricy piece for someone in Belgium.

On top of that I am currently in two women’s art competitions, two UK competitions, and I was asked to do a show in Taos.

And of course, since it is holiday season, Old Town ABQ, and Downtown SF will be kinda hoppin’ with shoppers. So, I had to order an INSANE amount of small pieces and photographic prints that all need to be backed and matted and branded and priced. I have to print the hanging cards, have the galleries update their sites with new images and pricing … the list goes on.

So, I won’t even have time to clean the kitchen let alone post.

Now, if you don’t hear from me, you will know exactly why!


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4 Comments on “The holidays are hoppin’!

  1. Holy shit…I never thought about this side of being an artist. I wonder how many others have no idea either. Well best of luck with the shows and whatever you get to enjoy for the holidays. And grats on the commission from Belgium.

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