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Dude, what happened?


Charles Manson

David Cassidy

Della Reese

November 19th, 2017. It took the lives of three pop culture icons. Charles Manson, David Cassidy, and Della Reese. And I have yet to see Paul post about it!

What is going on??? Is he ok???


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14 Comments on “Dude, what happened?

      1. Ahahaha Chico and the Man. Me, I have The Partridge Family Greatest Hits on my phone…in addition to the entire Rush discography. The Wulf has some assorted tastes. LOL

  1. I like kitsch and pop culture, ok! I was of the TV baby generation. My musical tastes are super varied. So I have THOUSANDS of songs/bands on my phone. Lately one of the largely rotated would be LCD Soundsystem. Though I also have some favorite guilty pleasure driving music for going back and forth between SF and ABQ. Goodbye Stranger by Supertramp. She’s Gone, Hall and Oates. And the WHOLE L. Shankar album that he did with Zappa, Touch Me There. If you do not own that album, listen to it on YouTube!

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