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Zoom Zoom … and we’re off!

I really need to get with it. I FINALLY got a “little” sleep last night. So, I’m not quite the zombie today, but this has been a rough few days! I hate losing sleep. Unless it is for a good reason. Like sex or a good live show. Note: I spelled “losing” correctly. I was seriously annoyed today when I saw TWO websites that were trying to actually pedal their wares with the mistake of “loose” when the meant “lose.” And so many people do it on FaceBook that correcting them is not even worth it anymore.

As for my GOOGLE image up there, I have it there because the gal down under has been coming to take a peek at me site yet again! Perhaps I should have posted a pair of these awful things that Americans love for some reason.

Now again, the reason for “GOOGLE.”

It is a shame, I had taken down that home page thinking that the lock pissed her off enough to go away. But no. Now that I put it back, she will probably disappear. And YAY (confetti flying) for that.

When she came to the site, she actually (yet again) tried to access the SAME page that she always goes to with a lock. For some reason that is the link that she gets on Aussie Google. I have now unlocked that page for her, in case she comes back. Somehow, she just appears not net knowledgeable enough to just type in the damn domain. Really? She has been on the site over 100 times, and can’t remember the domain. Ah yes, the brilliance of stupid.

Anyway … as I said. If she bothers to try again, her special access page is unlocked. Though some of the click items on it are locked, and she will probably just click on everything locked rather than checking the home page, or the page that says hey you in Australia, CLICK ME!

Maybe she needs a “blog” so that she has something to do if she is too afraid to leave the house or whatever.

Anyway, if you are back … HELLO AUSTRALIA!  Fly that flag proudly.

It is time for me to ride my kangaroo off into the sunset. 

Until next time. 

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