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… So Tired …

I have no idea what’s going on.  So, this will be short … I don’t necessarily know about sweet.

I have not been able to sleep for at least 2 days.  I’m in bed, I try to sleep, but I am just there. Having these strange dreams while I am awake. Dreams of actual conversations and events. And then I feel like I don’t know what reality is anymore. I want a cigarette, but I have not been smoking, so I will feel awful if I have one. 

I sincerely feel as if I am going to collapse, but have things to do and feel like I should not sleep during the day or it will make it worse. How are y’all doing today?


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11 Comments on “… So Tired …

  1. This is something that works for me, but maybe not everyone, so take it or leave it. When life and emotions become overwhelming to me, I have to weigh my vices, so to speak. Incidentally, one of the very few things espoused by AA with which I agree is “don’t take on too much at once”. In other words, if it all gets too much and the only possible relief I can imagine will come from either a drink or a cigarette (let’s just pretend for the moment that I, too, am trying to quit smoking) — I will go to the least harmful of the available vices. So I won’t feel guilty about that smoke as long as it wasn’t accompanied by a drink.

      1. Sorry to hear that…

        Probably easier there than this rational-forsaken state that will probably be the last state to legalize or make medically available for things other than three or four that they have approved.

        1. Oh no. I just meant cigarettes. I don’t smoke the devil weed. I do have some cbd oil here.

        2. LOL you sound like someone from down here. I haven’t partaken for so many years. The older I get, however, the more I find myself wanting to revisit the herb of my youth.

        3. Then you shouldn’t. I used to smoke reg’s as well. Was finally able to quit in ’08. Problem is I actually liked to smoke. I had to stop though.

    1. I have a lot of reading to do. But when I am so overtired, after not sleeping for days, there ain’t no readin’ gettin’ done. Fortunately, since this post, I have gotten some sleep. Now if only I could get rid of this sinus infection.

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