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What happened to Anna D?

I doubt that anyone will be able to answer this for me, but if they happen to know the answer and can shoot me an email or post a comment if appropriate …

Anna D

She ran numerous art blogs (that were of my favorite blogs,) as well as another blog or two. Unfortunately, in my time away, she seems to have disappeared. I am saddened by that.

My favorite:

I truly enjoyed Anna D.

Does anyone know if she gave a reason or anything before disappearing? She used to comment on a bunch of my stuff, but I think the comments are gone too.

Damn.  This REALLY makes me sad.

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3 Comments on “What happened to Anna D?

  1. I really enjoyed her pages, too, but I don’t think it would have dawned on me yet that she was gone if you hadn’t pointed it out. Now that you have, yeah, you’re right: where the hell did she go? A lot of help this comment was, I know.

    1. At least you knew who I was talking about 🙂 Perhaps I can get contact for her through gravatar or something and see if she moved things.

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