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Perhaps … (Click me if you are in AUSTRALIA. I’m not locked.)

*** Note ***
I have seen that some people have been trying to access some of my old posts. IF you happen to be someone trying to access my old posts, you obviously don’t know about my site lockdown. You can read this post to get up and current, but to find out backstory, please click here: (THIS LINK NOT LOCKED)

Carrying on …

So. This morning I woke up thinking. (Now that can be a good thing, or a bad thing.) Anyway, I woke up, after very little (or no) sleep, engaged in activities that I won’t bother to mention, woke up teens, cooked breakfast, sat at the table with, let’s say no one (even though someone was there,) and I had some “blog” thoughts.

Now.  I MIGHT even give some of my readers the option to help me make this choice.

I can:

  1. Keep my “blog” on temporary lockdown with the static home page.
  2. Lockdown all old content and carry on with just the silliness kind of posts and continue to be an internet jackass while leaving my personal life out of posts.
  3. Cater my posts directly to my “blog” stalker and give her what she wants. Photos of me and my husband. Stories about our life together. Snippets of our back and forth texts. Stories about our sex life. Oh, you know.  The stuff she MUST me coming here to see and torture herself with. Basically “feeding the beast.”
  4. Direct my posts in my “blog” stalker’s direction. You know, make my blog about: “THINGS TO DO IN PERTH, AUSTRALIA.”
    ***That way maybe, she might get the hell out of the house and find something to do rather than stalk my “blog,” as well as my entire internet presence (which I may be scrubbing so that she has nothing to get.) She has been doing actual google searches and crap. In fact, most often when she comes back here she somehow does not remember the domain? Because almost EVERY time she comes here she clicks a google link as a referrer.***
  5. Come on here on bad days just when I want to whine and bitch and be miserable, so that she can sit around drunk and laughing thinking that my life sucks, even though no matter how bad I can make things look, they could never be as bad as having so little to do that I obsessively internet stalk someone.
  6. Start internet stalking her, and create a blog about it!

Well, that is all that I can come up with for now. I’m sure that I will come up with more throughout the day.

Give me your suggestions.

If you think that this poll should be anonymous, let me know and I will create the options as a selection form with checkboxes or radio buttons.

Meanwhile, I will offer you the 36 hour Perth, Australia weather forecast so that if you happen to be in Perth, Australia, you can plan your next 36 hours (maybe? perhaps?) outdoors and away from your iPad registering at IP address *** ** ***. 


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