(Yes, I did consult with my husband before creating this page.  He was fine with it.)

For those of you that have been with me and the page for a while, I know many can’t (or don’t) comment because I am self hosted and reader does not allow it.  But I know who is out there and reading.  Thanks!

If you have gone to my website today, you may have noticed that it was temporarily password protected, and now redirected.  I used to monitor daily, even if I was not on.  This week I was busy, sadly not monitoring.  I wish that I had been monitoring this week.

For those of you that know me fairly well, you also know, while I am an internet jackass, I am also a tech geek. BECAUSE I am such a tech geek, I MIGHT do strange things with my site.  Like embed things into the code. (SEE, these are reasons that I self host.)

Now, this may make some of you NOT want to look at my site.  Fear not readers. I only dig into the things that you will see below if something completely irregular appears.  Say, one IP address visiting my site over 100 times within a 2 day timeframe, while not being a bot. (Because the code you will read about below tells me which hits are bots, and what the bots are, ie. google, msn, yahoo.) Seriously, a HUGE spike in readings on days that I did not post, and a complete SCRUB of the whole site reading every page dating back to when Paul was on it.

One of the fancy, handy, dandy pieces of code that is embedded into my web site, is IP Tracking software. It tells me every single IP address of everyone who goes onto my site!  Not ONLY that. It tells me the latitude and longitude of where they are at the time.  What kind of device they are connecting from. What browser they are using.  The language that the browser is using. The exact times of day that they are on. EVERY page that they click on. If they click on any links on the page. How they found the page in the first place. What operating system they use. Who their internet provider is. Their computer ID. The screen resolution of their device. There is even a map that will pinpoint the approximate address! AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!

Oh how I wish that I was monitoring my site a few days ago so that I could have posted this sooner.

Anyway. My husband and I have been together a few years. Married for over two as you know. We were first together briefly, then not for a few months, and then back together. Casually at first, and then not so casually.  Eventually getting married, and obviously still together until this very day. He is sitting across the table from me right now. I would post a picture … but I need not give any further personal information out at this time.

Moving on. There were obviously other women that my husband was involved with prior to me. You know, just as there were other men for me. Well, one of his ghosts from the past that he is not in contact with anymore decided to google search me 9 times on

They went to my art site. They went to my husband’s site. Actually, I believe that they googled my husband first, found my art site off of his page, (because at one point his site was the referrer) checked it out 6 times, then started google searching me. I can only assume that they were google searching my husband to try to contact him or something.

I mean, even through regular WP stats you can clearly see:

(I really should use arrows and lines and things and really should quote Alice’s Restaurant here.)

Fig. 1
See unusual spike in stats on Nov. 2 and 3, yet only 2 visitors.

Fig. 2
2 views from the US, and FIFTY THREE from Australia.

Fig. 3
“Dude.” Seriously.  Look at how many pages were viewed! This is just day ONE. I won’t bother posting stats from the next day!

Now for the meat & potatoes here. 
(Honestly, I don’t know what the fuck they eat in Australia, nor do I care to.)

Fig. 4
Same IP address, 1 visit with FORTY FIVE page views. 

(Digging deeper.)

Fig. 5
iPad hitting up everything. This time, their IP had to hit another point to connect. Connected in Leederville rather than Perth. However, if you look, you can see here that it shows that this same device visited the page the day before by the first visit, last visit. Different IP, but that is because of the Leederville hop.

I could show you two more screenshots that I have that show similar latitude and longitude, etc., but by now I believe that you get the idea that this person was clearly trying to find out about my husband’s life with me, etc. And with rampant force. 

Woman, if you are back here, my page is not really all that interesting, and was only started as a fun back and forth with someone that I know.  I’m not here for my raging popularity. People follow me on FaceBook for that. šŸ˜‰ 

My point here is that there are one of two scenarios here.

  1. That your life really sucks so badly that you have the time over a two day period to actually read approximately ONE HUNDRED honestly pretty dull posts on a boring ass blog that I don’t even often post on! I hope that you sent the link off to your friends and family so that they get to read this.
  2. And really, this is my best guess here, you are a RAVING LUNATIC!

Now, I could be the bitch of all bitches, and post your photo and name and everything else here. I can honestly post a map to where you are living if I really wanted to. But that is not me. That is not quite my style. It is however, unfortunate that I did not catch you sooner so that you could not literally go through and read everything. (Leave it to me to have a busy and tired week on the week that you decide to try to weasel your way into our lives.) I mean, I know that you were here recently, I did see you around.  Twice. I am pretty sure that you saw us the one time, and then you walked away in the other direction.

Now, I am honestly sorry that you have enough issues that would lead you to this insanity. I wish you well on your journey to sound mental health. I wish you well all around really.


I mean, if you don’t want to get yourself well (MASK quote there, “Make yourself well, baby.  Make yourself well.”) by all means, go on some drunken romp around the world or something. Throw shit at people. Yell and scream a lot and make an ass out of yourself in public. It’s all good.  We all have our thing. 

As you CLEARLY read on some of my posts, the year of 2016 was a bit rough on me, and I drank a bit too. Don’t get your hopes up, the issues weren’t related to my relationship. Literally, MANY close family members DIED. In an extremely short period of time. My kids dad died on our first wedding anniversary!  We were away!  Visiting my sick dad! My kids were not there! I had to tell them over the phone! My dad went into HOSPICE on the morning of the funeral of my kids dad! I mean, we did not get a break! So yeah. There was some drinking. That’s all done and gone now. You would know that if you had hoped on over to my other blog. Which is now down as well. 

I get it. Life can be rough. Sometimes we drink. If ya feel like it, down a bottle of vodka and call and rant at people. Send rude and mean texts. War dial folks to tell them you want to kill yourself. If that’s your bag baby, that’s on you.


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