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Shout out & info update to those who go to my other blog.

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First of all, thank you to all and all who have been visiting my blog over there.  I plan to be throwing the humor back over here once I twerk & tweak the other site.

First:  I do have an add me on WordPress button now.  Not the traditional, but it is there.  Please tell me if it works.

Second:  I just realized that I do not see like and reply options?  I will be taking a look at that this weekend.

Sorry for all the bullshit, I should have had the kinks worked out before putting it out there, but I didn’t want to lose the headspace.

Last but not least.  I would really appreciate it if all y’all wouldn’t give up on me and not only take a look at this jackass page, but I’d love ya forever if you give the other one a chance.

OH, and as far as social media accounts go.  I am using a different gmail account for the new page, and need 10 followers on it in order to customize it.  So if any of you are on gmail and want to throw out some love, please do.

Can be done here:

Also, the new page has a FaceBook “Page” in case you don’t want to follow me personally.  If you care to:(It is brand new, probably at 0)

My personal FB page, if you care:

Note:  There is a reason that I am pushing my personal page.  I recently made a mistake with a horrible human being that resulting in that person reporting me to FB for a fake name, even though Maz is what I use in the real world these days.  I had to put up a fight.  Get groups and organizations fighting on my behalf, the ACLU got involved.  In the end I won, but I want to prove that not only did I win, I will grow damn it!

Twitter, everything else, they are all there too if you care.  But these above are kind of a big deal for me.  🙂

So I would like to thank anyone and everyone here and there who are remaining in support of me.  Y’all rock!


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  1. Hey hey. I hit the follow button on your new page, but I don’t know if that did anything. I didn’t receive a confirmation email or anything like that. So I’ll have to wait until you put up another post there to see if it shows up in my reader or email.

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