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Help for the helpless!


I have someone doing some work with me to help me out on whatever mess that I have created on bondagedopeandpunkrock that is not allowing me to get it to where I want it.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, send me a small list of whatever you notice is wrong, that is not working like my bizarredatanoise site.  He is my wordpress GOD, and will help me as long as I have a list.  Unfortunately the ship does not have a resident wordpress God, so I have to get my help from another location.  Thanks in advance, love y’all for putting up with my disorganized ass!

Until next time.

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5 Comments on “Help for the helpless!

  1. All I’ve been able to notice thus far is that I didn’t get any sort of confirmation when I hit the WP follow button on your new page, so I can’t be sure if I’ll be alerted to new posts until you post something new. Usually, when I follow someone’s page that is a bit more complicated than a simple WordPress format, I get an email asking me to confirm my follow. I didn’t get that for yours.

    1. That is for sure on my list of fixes. In fact I believe that it is priority one. I want that “traditional” rectangle follow.

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