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Sick as a God damned dog.

And just when I thought that this page was going to become my page of fun and humor and smut and all that good stuff, it turns into “this is where I go to bitch?”

I’ve been trying to be the good stay at home mom and wife and all that.  The last two days(now three, I started writing this yesterday), I am so fucking sick that I don’t even want to boil my tea let alone wash the dishes and put away the laundry.  So by the end of the week, things are NOT going to be pretty here.  The cough is painful, my nose is running, my head feels like it is in a vice. 

I was in bed yesterday, wanting to contribute to both pages.  I can’t do a damn thing.  And in all that it is when I realized, “Hell, I have no one to take care of me!”  It sucks.  When I am hungry I have to crawl and try to feed myself.  Honestly, I can not stand being in bed anymore!  But this cough is killing me!

Going to sign off for a but now.  Hoping to get a post on the other blog if I can!



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  1. Yuck. I had mono my first month abroad in college. Almost fainted in line to buy groceries, because I “had no one to help.” I got better and found out tons of people would have helped if they’d known. I’m still a proud fool but do try to ask once in awhile.

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