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With a little force …

I know that I am just the bitch who has not had the chance to catch up on everyone’s stuff, so now I am forgotten about.  I get it.

Honestly.  Trying to set up that other site (because I choose to not go the east WP route) has been taking me back to the land of code.  NOTHING has been going as planned.  And I have had to start digging my hands into the code and changing things.  That is always dangerous.  And I become obsessed.  I don’t even know if I can get the new blog to show up in your readers yet!

So any help that anyone can give me along the way, with the humps and bumps of site 2, I would appreciate it.  If any of all y’all have bothered to venture over.  I know everyone hates the multiple click thing.  Sorry that I am inconvenient.  As my tagline says, I am a difficult person.

Also, while I had thought that I was going to be moving into some collaborative art projects, That seems to have shifted.  One of those folks may have his head somewhere else right now, and the other person … well.  I appear to have just played the role of a stepping stone on the way to better things.  Better to know sooner rather than later.

I do have a show coming in Nov/Dec.  I need to prepare for that.

Also, I have been in conversations of possible business venture.  It’s kind risky.  But at the same time, it might be just what I need right now.  It will keep me extremely busy.  That might be what I need during the downtime (dry time.)

But as I said, I will try to keep up!  On both sites!  And on the reading!  (Now that I think all of that damn coding is done.)

I would have been SOOO much further ahead had I not been running on spotty internet service Friday.  Damn it!  It was like back to the dial up days!




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5 Comments on “With a little force …

  1. Man. I have been sick as a dog the last 2 days. I should have been laying here in bed catching up … but I got stuck researching.

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