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Not an end to BIZARREDATANOISE, but the beginning of another journey.


So, I have been busy today trying to get the new site up and running.  I have had a bit of layout troubles.  Funny, because I am doing it self hosted, which was supposed to make my life easier.

Well, it still needs some layout editing, but I will put it out there for all of you to walk with me through my … well I don’t know what the hell it is.  Right now it is peanut butter on a rice cake with honey that dripped all over my keyboard.  A lot of tea, and some orange cream vape, mixed with DK Tobacco.

Tomorrow I should be back in the swing!  And even read your posts and shit.  Sorry for the delay.  Had to do what I had to do.

Anyway.  I really do hope that some of you choose to follow.  I would hate to have to terminate this blog to transfer y’all over.

In all that, I give you … my second “blog.”  Have at it folks!

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