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I swear, I am not that lame and all that.

 Well yeah, maybe I am.

So yeah. I promised on Thursday that I would catch up and read everyone’s stuff as well as make my own post.  Unfortunately, yet fortunately, my day got derailed.  I got asked to do the opening of a new establishment in Santa Fe. Since I have yet to have my work on display in Santa Fe, it was an opportunity that I could not pass up.  However, I could not get a set of prints here on time in order to have a set at the gallery as well as a set at their opening.

I had to drive down to ABQ, take a bunch of my art off of the walls, haul it back to Santa Fe, spend the rest of Thursday ordering a new set for the gallery ASAP.  Then my friday was spent at the new place in SF with my husband curating and hanging almost 20 pieces of my work.

So yes.  I have not been around, but I promise I will catch up on reading all of your stuff!!

Today however, is my husband’s birthday.  We were supposed to go away, but right now it appears as if that won’t happen.  He is sitting across from me at the table researching math and chatting on facebook.

Though I did get up and cook him a huge breakfast, we had lots of coffee, and I am now making him a Limoncello Cheesecake with a Biscoff crust.  In the oven now.  One it comes out I have to wait for the center to set, then top it with a sour cream limoncello topping and put it back into the oven for another 12 minutes.  It then has to cool on the counter for an hour, and in the fridge for tree.

Again.  I apologize for being so lame.  Shirking my blog reading/writing responsibilities.

At least I am being lame for a good cause.  Who knows. Perhaps I will be back today, my husband seems to want to computer.  I might as well make use of my day.  Anyway, if you are in the Santa Fe area, check out

My art is on the wall and shit.  Oh yeah, and the beer is good!

Update with last year’s cakes.

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    1. He loves cheesecake. Last year he got this beer cheesecake that I had to go all the way to Colorado to get the special beer. He also got a tiered stout cake last year. The year before, an Almond Joy cheesecake. I will add photos of last year’s cakes!

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