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Is it live, or is it Memorex?

First off, I would like to apologize for not having the time to check out everyone’s posts today. I had driving both kids to deal with as well as biking to the train, training to ABQ, biking to mechanic, and driving back to SF.  Long ass day, but I WILL catch up.  That being said, today is a quick post.


Now for the postin’.

Sitcom Life

I believe that it was @Brandewulf that posted in a comment that the life of my family was like a sitcom.  I certainly don’t deny it, though will state that sometimes it may instead mimic a late night TV drama, perhaps a Lifetime story, and once in awhile an After School Special.

So, last night while out having two beers and dinner with my husband.  Yes, I drank two beers.  I did however abstain the night before.  I mentioned the comment to him.  He has yet to read this blog and does not know the domain.  It might turn into one of those things where the person doing the talking crumbles their marriage over info going out into the public.  I have to say though, that I DO try to have respect and do not post that of which is overly personal.

ANYWAY.  He started wanting to read the blog and kept grabbing at my phone and comment notifications came in.  I politely (or maybe not so politely) grabbed it back and said, “NO!”

In the end he agreed.  That yes, our life can be rather ridiculous at times.  He has an idea though.  He wants to spice it up a bit by writing on the blog too.  That way his perspective, and perhaps embarrassing tales to tell that involve me, may get thrown into the mix.

My response:  “Really?  With all the time you spend working, when the hell would you have time to do this writing?  You don’t even have time to respond to the notes and tasks that I put on our Asana sex page!”

Keep in mind here that this conversation all took place as I was sitting on the toilet peeing, because well, we just came home from the brewery where I drank previously mentioned two beers.

SO, in time, you may very well be the lucky ones to soak in a few of his words as well.

Honestly, here I would post some great selfie of us.  But we really aren’t so much selfie takers.  And when we try, MAN are they awful.  Maybe we should start taking a few.

Oh wait!  I did however find a few awful ones I will share!

I thought I knew where three were, but only found two.  Oh well.

Our relationship started in a rather complicated fashion, so we dated several months, then didn’t for a few months, and then did again.  We won’t talk about the reasons for all that.  It will make one of us kind of seem like an ass.

Anyway, relationship round two, a few months in, we took a trip together with my older son. Back to the east coast.  We flew in at some crazy hour on new years and had no sleep. Somehow a disheveled selfie came out of that.

When my dad was reaching the end of life, we took several trips out there.  Here is an absolutely awful photo of us from that trip.  We were at a beer hall in Asbury park.

Well that is all I could find.  SO that is all you get.  Maybe one day I will find the others.


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14 Comments on “Is it live, or is it Memorex?

  1. Don’t feel too bad about the sitcom comparison. Or even the Lifetime movie analogy. If I had to pick a television broadcast that most closely resembles my life, it would probably be Yule Log.

  2. Jeez! It took 2 WordPress Help chat sessions and 3 emails to akismet just to be able to leave a comment on your page. Now the original joke I made just isn’t funny anymore. Hmph. I said something about Yule Log. You had to be there. But WP wouldn’t let you be there, so you missed out.

    1. Damn. My day is fucked again. have to run to abq and make my display look crappy at the gallery for a few days while I order a whole new set of prints. A new place is opening in SF, opening night is tomorrow, and they want to hang my stuff. I don’t have an extra set. Printer said they can do it and get it to me by tomorrow, but it would cost DOUBLE. I would need an extra say 1k that I don’t have šŸ™

        1. It would be at least several months in a high profile location, right downtown which gets lots of tourists with cash.

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