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All my friends know the low rider.

As USUAL, not ready for my meaty post (still driving both kids) but just wanted to share some news as well as some stupids from yesterday.


My artwork was selected to be in a major art fair in NYC this October.  I am still weighing the pros and cons of the event, and what I should do, but I am thrilled that I was even chosen.

(I would post the name and link here, but have yet to decide what I am going to do.)



So I live in a new town, right?  I don’t always know EXACTLY where I am going. After a few wrong turns yesterday, I was told by my 14 year old beast, that while I am aging, I am developing the mind of a goldfish.

Now.  I mentioned to everyone the other day how I was dying my hair.  Which WAS blue black, with a slight red tint.  Even though I am a natural blond.  I change the color all the time.  Anyway, when my husband saw it the other night, he said that it looked great.  The kids love it.  So, yesterday I went to drop something off to my husband while he was at work, and he saw it in the sun.  His comment was … 

“Wow.  Your hair sure shimmers in the light.  It looks like the paintjob on a lowrider.  You know, where from different angles it is all different colors, and you can’t quite tell what color it is?”

Well.  That was intentional.  I will post a photo here.  Sorry, it was not taken in the sun, so you won’t see so much of the lowrider glimmer.  And forgive today’s lack of styling.  I need a cut really badly, and I was lazy this morn.

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    1. Mine had been a fake blond for a while too. Thanks for the complements. My eyes however, are blue. More of a periwinkle to be exact. My husband has the gorgeous green eyes!

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