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I burned my crotch for you!

Yes, my vagina.

Oh yeah, by the way, while looking for a spilled coffee picture, my first google image search term was ‘spilled coffee on crotch.’  I do not recommend that you make that google search.

(And back to some jackass texts for you.)

Ok.  So again I am a bit lackadaisical about posting today.  There has been some hectic activity. My older son had to go back to community college today, and my younger son is in his second week of school.  

Some background on household automobiles.  A year and a half ago, my husband’s vehicle was stolen.  It is a ridiculous story.  He left it parked in front of his job for a few days.  First, it got hit while just being parked on the street.  A few days later, it was broken into.  Shortly after that, someone climbed under it and sawed off the catalytic converter.  And then it was finally stolen.

At this point I let my husband use my car.

After my ex-husband died, my older son received his car.  I was also able to get my old pick up truck back that I had loaned to my ex.  Note:  big 2002 Ford F150 with 2 huge cracks in the windshield, a broken cupholder, oh yeah … and it is a manual transmission vehicle with no air conditioning.

All that being said.  If my son is not driving his car I will often borrow it.  My son’s car is currently at the mechanic in Albuquerque.  Since my older son had to go back to school today, I had to drive him.  That school is in the middle of NOWHERE.  He had to be there by 8:30am. My younger son had to be at school at 8:30am, though technically they don’t start until 8:45am.  I had to drive both of them, and then pick up one at 11:45am, and I have yet to pick up the other one at 4pm.  In the middle errands abound, as it is Monday.

Even though my husband is not scheduled to work on Sundays, he has a rather important and difficult project that needs to be fully completed and ready to ship Wednesday.  So he worked all day Saturday, and on Sunday, extra long.  From 11am until 3:00 or 3:30am, came home crashed out and had to be at work and back at it by 8:30am.

As you all know, he and I exchange ridiculous text commentary of our day, and today was no different.  I have taken a clip from today’s text, and even provided some annotation.  Though the information from the annotations may already be mentioned above.

(And yeah … I DID have a typo.)

When I arrived I sent him a text that just said “here.” So that he could come out for his coffee. The conversation went a little like this.

Husband:  “Sorry that you burned your vagina.”
Me:  “Yeah, yeah.  Not your fault.”
Husband:  “I’m tired.”
Me:  “Are you going to work all night again?”
Husband:  “I can’t.  I’m going to try to get out on time.  Maybe I can get to a point where I could do some work from home tonight.”
Me:  “Yeah.  Ok.  I’ll see you whenever.”  

Note:  I am used to this crap.  It happens ALL the time, and he almost always works a 7 day week.

Husband:  “I love you.”
Me:  “I love you too.”

As he walks away towards the door to the building passing the other people in the lot, he yells out, “I hope to see you soon.”

Me:  (Yelling out the driver’s window.) “I hope so too, I burned my crotch for you!”


I wonder what his co-worker said after I left.

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  1. I hope you don’t mind that I find humor in some of this…the last part of you yelling out the window. It’s almost like a sit-com or rom-com. Thank you for sharing these exchanges and stuff. It is priceless, at least to me.

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