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My mini oasis, the sarcasm of compromise, and when my husband is unaware.

Here I sit, with my bullet journal, a pot of brown rice tea, and all my necessities at my nice tile top bistro table in my little yard.  It is good for the head.  Good for the stress.

My day was hectic yesterday, and today did not start out much different.  My fourteen year old, who has been independently schooling for the last several years has decided to go back to school.  Today was freshmen orientation.  

It is a different kind of school where they work with the local community college and can work towards college credit as well as take more “hands on” physical classes along with academics.  Not quite the “vo-tech” of the old days, but an extremely interesting approach.

The class sizes are small.  Some of the things that they do there alongside academics, is take courses in construction, where they build tiny houses and auction them off.  They rebuild and restore classic cars with auto tech and auto body classes, and then auction those off in order to fund the classes and their state of the art equipment.  They even have classes in welding, aquaponics and greenhouse management.  He really seemed to like the teachers, the equipment that he would have access to etc.  He finally seems excited about learning again.  This was wonderful to see.

My older son decided to obtain a GED and just go straight to college classes.  So far he loves it.

When I came home I did the typical mom stuff, cooking a stew, baking cookies, etc.  My husband was not feeling great today, so I drove over to his work bringing him breakfast, a latte, and some homemade cookies.  

I came home and took a relaxing bath, got dressed, and then I came out here to get some things done.  There has been a running joke with my husband since we have moved to Santa Fe, land of the crunchy hippie types.  He keeps saying that as his wife is it my duty to start wearing Birkenstocks.  I’m quite the city girl and such is my wardrobe.  So I always say no and we jokingly argue, because he knows that I will never put on a pair of Birks.  (Especially with wool socks, which is all the rage here in colder months.)

Because of this joke, I have decided to take things as western as they will get for me.  Since it is in the 90’s here, I have been wearing little slip dresses, but underneath them I’m usually wearing something that is partially visible, such as a ripped and torn Frank Zappa t-shirt.  I have many visible tattoos, and my jewelry usually consists of arms full of leather bondage looking bracelets.  I ALWAYS wear boots.  50 degrees out to 100 degrees out, I am a boot girl.  I usually wear these black zip up studded boots which I love.  However, currently, due to the whole Santa Fe Birkenstock debate … I will now (temporarily) wear nothing but cowboy boots.

No way in hell will I be like a lot of the other ladies around here, and stop shaving my legs and armpits and all that … because … well … as tomboyish as I am I still like to be a girl.  Though I have made the compromise and stopped using deodorant.  My husband just happens to love the way I smell and prefers it.

It was kind of funny yesterday, as I was hanging out with his old girlfriend who sort of looks like an old style pin-up girl all tattooed.  She dresses somewhat similar to me, though maybe a little girlier.  She came with me and registered my son for school.  Everyone kind of looked at us a little odd and I think they just assumed us to be an out of place lesbian couple.  Who knows.

In my spare moments yesterday, while waiting on people and such, I decided to keep adding project management tasks to my husband’s online to do list … since he was so damn lazy about it. (Y’alls know about this if you have previously read my post (Asana too can be sexy.) As the day went on I started making them a bit more elaborate each time.  Last night he came with me to drop off my new friend at her new home an hour away.  Afterwards we went to a nice dinner, which we rarely do.  Afterwards we stopped for a beer.  It was clear that after spending all that time with him he had not bothered to check his to do list!  SO, while he was in the bathroom, I started adding more.

As I have been sitting here typing this I get a text message from him.  Apparently he was in the human resources office at work and needed to pull up my email address to give to the woman so that she could send me some health insurance documents.  (How after being together all this time he did not automatically know my email I have no idea.) ANYWAY, the project management software sends out an email for every task.  So when he entered my name, with his device pointed at the HR woman, the first email that came up happened to be the last task that I entered last night.

This text exchange started (which is still continuing.)

Yeah.  Another day in my ridiculous life.

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    1. Thanks so much ;). Trying not to be lazy, write more, and spend some time catching up on everyone else’s posts.

    2. Oh yeah. And thank you for taking the time to click the link to my page since comments are unavailable in reader. I’m still deciding what to do.

      1. Heh – I’m with you on the still shaving… so thank you for not ruining the visual on my being a voyeur. šŸ˜ Yeah it does. I am looking forward to finding out more.

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