Is there ever enough?

Not Enough


I am actually out and about today, exploring the landscape, as well as the dumpsters of Santa Fe with an old girlfriend of my husband’s that I just met.  We started the day by going to the fanciest hotel in town and having very expensive drinks on their patio while smoking cigarettes and offending elderly tourists with loud conversations about sex and other things.

While sitting there, I get assigned an Asana task from my husband that simply says, “add content here.”  Meaning that he is being a little lazy, and can’t even just come up with something to put on the list of anything that is possible sexually.  <sigh> . I guess that I will just have to get obnoxious.

I had a truckload of stuff that needed to go somewhere and we did not feel like taking the time to go to the dump.  So we traveled around town seeking out dumpsters to stash trash.  Really, this is how two ladies in dresses and boots decided to spend their day.

Currently we are sitting in my kitchen awaiting a man to deliver a bike.  We are then off on an adventure to Las Vegas (New Mexico … not bright lights, big city.)

So clearly, I have not a lot to say today as I fun around town and up and down the state.  But I thought that I would drop in and say hello!


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3 Comments on “Is there ever enough?

  1. You forwent an opportunity to go to the dump?! I love the dump–it never actually lives up to my expectations, but I’m always hoping to find something cool there. Once, Ken and I found a broken grandfather clock–it’s still in the shed waiting to be turned into something fun, but one day…

    1. The whole issue was that I REALLY did not feel like tarping the stuff down. That is a requirement at the dump here. But damn. It was a long ass day and I am looking forward to jumping back into my reality today and will be writing more! Thanks for making the extra click to comment! I really appreciate it while I await the hosting route to take. And I will start catching up on everyone else’s blog today. I was gone from nearly 6am to midnight yesterday!

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