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Damn it, the inability to comment!

Damn the inability to comment!

My current site is self hosted, as I would like more flexibility and customization. Apparently, reader will not allow for comments straight from reader. Only likes! Thanks for all the likes!

In order to comment, one has to actually click on the visit site link. I know people don't like that, but know that I do appreciate the interaction if you decide to.

I have a programmer researching the code, as this used to be a feature and changed not so long ago. I would hate to have to jump back and lose some of my design etc.

In the meantime, I may end up setting up a site to combat the issue ... unless I can find some odd way around it with domain mapping.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and y'all are great.
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3 Comments on “Damn it, the inability to comment!

      1. Yes that they do. I hate to think, however, that GETTING here is that much of an inconvenience. Hell I remember when we had to actually get up and change the tv to 1 of only 5 available channels. Now THAT was inconvenient. šŸ˜œ

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