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Yes, Asana too can be sexy.

downloadProject Management is something that usually comes pretty natural to me.  I am someone who likes to work remotely, left alone, given an electronic task list to complete with dates to be completed by, and I kind of thrive on that in a work environment.  Taking tasks and assignments and bringing them from start to finish.  Getting to see those unicorns and rainbows flying across your Asana screen.  But Project Management when it comes to one’s personal and family life is not nearly as easy.  You have less to prove, fewer people to let down, easy distractions.  So, instead, your task list grows until it is completely out of hand and you have no time to yourself anymore.  And when your husband works constantly, it makes things even more stressful and you barely have time to talk.

How does one find a way to create a balance where they can begin to take charge and manage their homes, home lives, treat things like you are the executive assistant of your house and home?

You find a more creative way to use Asana.

To take from Wikipedia, I will explain Asana for those who don’t know.

“Asana is web based software-as-a-service designed to improve team collaboration. It focuses on allowing users to manage projects and tasks online without the use of email.

Each team can create a workspace. Workspaces contain projects, and projects contain tasks. In each task, users can add notes, comments, attachments, and tags. Users can follow projects and tasks and, when the state of a project or task changes, followers get updates about the changes in their inboxes.”

Sounds kind of boring, right?  My husband, who always has to use Asana at work thinks so.  But I have decided to bring Asana into our household, into our relationship, and into our bedroom.  I brought this up to him, and he replied with “Asana is so not sexy.”

With all of the projects that can be created in Asana, we can create tasks lists, notes, ideas, add attachments, and even reply back and forth on them.   Projects such as “Household Responsibilities,” “Joint Creative Projects,” “Relationship Goals,” and even “The Sexual Task List.”

Adding the Sexual Task List makes going into Asana a whole lot more fun.  You can break down categories into things like, “Yeah let’s do that,” “Absolutely not,” “Maybe, let’s discuss it,” lists of reading material, pictures, diagrams, lists of the arsenal of sex toys obtained from your days of writing ad copy for sex toy catalogs.  Yeah, I did that.  Asana is connected by your email, so another fun thing is when you create an Asana page called “Sexual Creativity Page,” and somehow while your husband is at work around others and opens Asana for the day, the page is always seeming to be on default which leads him to have to explain his weird wife to people.

Oh yeah, there is also a calendar that is fabulous for scheduling!

So yeah, Asana can be sexy … and we can look forward to those task completion flying unicorns and rainbows.


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