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I should probably at least shower …

I know that I still have “Ask Maz” questions to get to, and I will.  Things have just been a tad chaotic at the moment as I try to send a shipment of four HUGE and heavy crates by boat to Iceland for some artists that I have been working for.  I am however, still trying to make sure that I contribute something here.

Yesterday was a fairly productive day, and I thought that I would get around to writing at night, but my husband had some future work plans that he wanted to discuss.  We went out for a beer, and dinner for him (I already had eaten), and had that discussion.  Upon returning home we took our dog Mo for a walk.   Note:  The walk was really just an excuse for my husband to stop by the store because he wanted a Push Up Pop.

Here is Mo:


Since our recent move I have always enjoyed walking Mo.  Right now it makes me just a little nervous.  A few nights ago on our walk home, we were walking through a park with a baseball field.  In the baseball field were three people playing with their two pit bulls.  My husband was holding the leash, and I didn’t think much of it because there is obviously a fence around the baseball field.  Well, the fence was not enclosed and one of the pits came strutting out with two large men following him.  They followed slowly, yet did not do anything to gain control of their dog.  This pit bull went after little Mo by grabbing him with his mouth right across the middle of his little body.  I had to dive to the ground, scraping myself on the concrete in order to try to throw Mo up in the air and out of the way.  The pit bull went after him a second time.  The owner still just standing there as I had to slide across the concrete.  Eventually I did get Mo up in the air, out of the way, and I was able to get up and hold him.  At that point a woman came over to ask if everything was okay.  Where was she as her dog was trying to snap my dog in half?

I was wearing a dress, and my left knee is horribly scraped and bleeding.  This later became infected.  A pair of my favorite Steve Madden boots got destroyed as they scraped along the pavement.  Last night’s walk was uneventful.

I’ll spare you the picture of my knee.

It was late by the time that we got home, and I was in the middle of preparing dough for some breakfast brioche.  When we sat on the bed deciding if it was time to go to bed or not, a fly was buzzing around our heads.  My husband kept saying, “Get the fly, Mo.  Get the fly.”  He then started going on about how “that guy” could do it with chopsticks, why couldn’t Mo.

I responded with, “Mr Miyagi.  His name was Mr Miyagi.  Oh yeah, and Daniel was finally able to do it too, but I can’t remember Daniel’s last name.  Why can’t I remember it?  Now that is going to bug me.”

(Here he sits confused and thinking that I am crazy as usual, because I remembered Daniel’s name.)

I started talking about how a friend had recently posted a photo of himself with William Zabka, (the bad guy from the Karate Kid) on FaceBook.  This all lead me into how awful background music was in 80’s movies and I started singing “You’re The Best.”  My husband was unfamiliar with the song, so I of course had to pull it up on YouTube:

Part way through the video I saw the board with the name Larusso.  That was Daniel’s last name!  I still made him watch the full video.  We then talked about the fact that we had never seen Karate Kid II, or the new Karate Kid.  I don’t even know if Ralph Macchio was in II.

Anyway … I fell asleep with the last thing in my head being “You’re The Best.”

I have not been sleeping well again, and I woke up at 2:30am.  At this time, this gem was stuck in my head:

It still is.  How am I supposed to get anything done today?  I say this as I sit at the kitchen table in a pair of boy shorts underwear and a Matisyahu tank top.

I did however, make the breakfast brioche.

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5 Comments on “I should probably at least shower …

  1. They should have let Daniel be, after the first one. It was all downhill from there. And I am glad that you saved Mo and he is ok. Sorry you had to sacrifice your knee and Steve Madden boots to save him. You should have hauled off and lost a boot in that woman’s ass.

  2. Poor Mo! He’s a cute little guy, I hope he’s okay now.
    On a lighter (and slightly pointless) note, the Karate Kid thing happened to me as well awhile back: my brother & I were singing “You’re The Best” and my sister said she didn’t know it, so naturally we pulled it up on YouTube for her.
    Glad to hear you’re being productive; that deal with Iceland sounds pretty big.

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