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Memories of Mr. Griz


Ok, Paul.  Challenge accepted.

I will actually, eventually, post a full introductory “about me” kinda post so you can all learn a thing or two about a me or three.  But for now, JUST to keep me in motion, we will go with a take on Paul’s suggestion.

I’m not much of a fiction writer, yet I can delve in and get as personal as you like.

In middle school we had a class we were forced to take called “Career Development.”  I assure you that the class was anything but.  We had a teacher that we called Mr. Griz.  Short for Mr. Griswold I believe?  (Paul can correct me if I am wrong.) Mr. Griz was an unconventional sort of teacher.  Mostly, he sat in the front of the room reading the paper while the class was having their own little free for all.  Sometimes he would stand in the hallway with the baseball coach/history teacher and rate teenage girls on who had the best hickey.  On other occasions we would play the game, “Ask Mr. Griz.”

Side note:  He called me “Lowercase e” from middle school all the way through high school graduation.

Ask Mr. Griz was a question and answer game where Mr. Griz would hand out small slips of paper to everyone in the class.  You were supposed to write down a question.  Any question.  No rules or restrictions.  The game was also anonymous, no names on the papers.  After so many minutes all of the slips of paper would be handed to the front of the room.  Mr. Griz would then sit on the edge of his desk and tell you in full detail about his group sex experiences, and how kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray.  The eighth grade was wonderful, and rather informative.  Welcome to “Career Development.”

So, perhaps none or you are reading this.  Perhaps no one cares.  For anyone who is, you have an open invitation to … ask the maz.

What is it that YOU want to know about me?  What is it that you just want to hear me spout about?  What topic would you like to engage in with a jackass like me, who was educated in a school system that had a Career Development class that discussed the sexual history of the teacher?

One, two, three … GO!

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10 Comments on “Memories of Mr. Griz

  1. Wasn’t it Griszwacz or something Polish and unpronounceable? In retrospect, much as I enjoyed his “class”, I suspect he was a drunk who was hung over every single day, so instead of teaching a class, he showed us movies and shit. It would be quite easy for me to come up with a topic for you, but I’m gonna hold off for now because it will be much cooler to see you respond to what other people say.

  2. I had a professor like that. He spent an entire class telling us about a trip to Spain where he ate little birds, bones and all. It was a French Lit class and he told the story for 45 minutes. In English. Now it’s the only thing I remember from college.

    My request: tell us about a comment made about you in childhood that has affected your life.

    1. Is it a cop-out for me to second this suggestion? Haha, alright how about this: what piece(s) of art (story, movie, song, painting or otherwise) have stuck with you in life/inspired you, and why?

  3. You got 3 topics to do with as you will, so now I’ll chime in with something I’d be very interested to hear you talk about. Of course, you can ignore this if you wish, but I hope you don’t. I view you as someone who is extremely engaged with day to day life and the people in it; but do you ever contemplate truly existential questions? If so, what is your best guess as to our purpose (if any), the afterlife (if any); what is the nature of the spirituality that you bring to bear on it all? I know that you do: I’ve seen you get psychic readings, erect Buddhist shrines in your home, and attend services and workshops on Eastern spirituality. Yet, I’ve never heard you comment on what you make of all that, if anything. I would be fascinated to know what your view is on the proverbial “why are we here?” question, even if it’s vague — as I pointed out in a previous post where I celebrated the honesty of agnosticism, sometimes “vague” is the only type of view one can genuinely have.

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