’bout time!


Well yeah.  I suppose you could say, “It’s about time that I wrote at you.”

I’m sorry for my absence.  I kind of had a lot going on at once.  Sinus surgery, recovery, a move in the middle of it all, a jackass landlord that is holding our security deposit, unpacking boxes and throwing shit away, hanging artwork, meeting with the new neighbors, getting pissed off at the dreadlocked white man that keeps returning our deliveries and causing us grief, dealing with the guy across the street that steals our mail. getting the dog acclimated to a metal, spiral staircase, figuring out finances, registering one kid for college and the other for high school, changing address on everything in life, not having internet for several weeks because my husband decided to punish the childrens, the list goes on.

On the positive side of things, we now have internet (though at a much slower speed), we are drinking a lot less, we spend a lot less time commuting, and the dog gets very long walks all over town and is becoming a Santa Fe attention whore.  There are more good things, but let’s start there.  Right now I am a little beyond pissed off over the ex-landlord/security deposit thing.

I have NEVER been denied a security deposit.  This move has been the worst nightmare, especially since I was (and still am) in major surgery recovery.  Our previous landlord is being ridiculous.  After we vacate the premises, he waits nearly a week to even go check it out, obviously not in a rush, right?  He then sends me this message:

Good morning, I went by the house yesterday. There are a few things I’ll have to address. The master bedroom door has a hole in it and the was an attempt to patch it, those doors can’t be patched it has to be replaced. The hallway light is missing the glass fixture, the house is pretty dirty, the bathroom and kitchen are extremely dirty. I will get pricing on the following items and be back in touch with you to see how you want to address them.


let me know, we will go from there.

Good afternoon, I have done some calling around for cleaning and they range from $85/hr to $96/hr and for the size of the house they say it takes about four hours. The door for the bedroom is about $100, the light fixture is about $50. Taking the average of the cleaning of $90.50 for four hours and the cost for the door, light and labor at $65/hr to install. Lastly I have a dump run for the bail of hay, raised garden bed, flower bins in front and yeah in the back yard. After adding this all up I come to $750. I’ll give the remaining deposit back once I get the keys. If you can put the keys in the mail box I’ll get by and get them then send money via PayPal.

I am not sure who you called, but those cleaning fees are ludicrous.  I have a real estate license, and I have worked in property management.  What the cleaning condition was, is technically considered adequate, no personal items left behind, etc.  And the landlord is also required to clean and paint a unit again prior to renting it out again.  Nearly $400 for cleaning is completely inaccurate.  I understand the replacement door, and light fixture (though that was not a $50 light fixture, and that was a cheap door, not a $100 door), and if a dump run in necessary, that is fine.  $400 for cleaning is unacceptable.  I’ll hire a cleaning company if you like, I use them all the time while working in property management, NEVER has one cost that much.  I can also go and replace the door and the light fixture myself.  Or, we can go to court and sort it out.


Let me know.

First off​ there is no need to be rude and start saying we have to go to court. If you think the cleaning is ridiculous please help your self to have someone clean it. That would be great. I have before and after pictures, and have gone around town and that’s the average price for cleaning with what they have seen. Once again I shopped around for doors and a light and just took the average price. I am in a bind until everything is done because I have people wanting to move in, so if you want to do the cleaning yourself then I need it done fast.

REALLY?  He wants to keep $750 for these little things?  So, of course, we drive the hour down there and address them ourselves. In retrospect I should have taken him up on the original offer.
Light fixture replacedDoor replaced, adjusted to work with floor that is not level, paintedRaised garden bed removed, all planters, hay and wood from the garden bed, etc. removed.

House cleaned – (The hard water stains on the bathroom floor are a result of the tiny leak that was always there, not our doing.)

Keys left on stove.

All of your issues have been addressed.




So my husband did all the repairs.  (We had to buy all of the materials.) . We actually PAID people to help on cleaning.  Again, he waits EIGHT DAYS to even go look at it, though was saying what a hurry he is in.

He responds:
I got to the house yesterday afternoon. Still really disappointed how dirty the house is. Personally if my deposit was on the line I would have done much better. There is still a pile of home made compost with what looks to be dirty feminine products and coffee mixed together. The coffee filters are just trash all over the yard as of now. The bathroom floor is still covered in hair and dirt. The back splash in the kitchen has food and grease on it. It honestly doesn’t even look like the kitchen was swept. As for the door I still have to take it off and fix it correctly so it doesn’t rub the floor. I do understand that the floor is uneven but the door I had didn’t have a problem rubbing. These are just a few of the issues, others include attempted patches of small holes in front bedroom most of these holes the nails where not even removed before patch was attempted. Holes all over the back yard which I assume this is how you got dirt for the raised garden. I now have to have the back yard leveled out. After pulling some of the weeds and hauling of some of the sunflowers I found white paint on the synthetic grass in the back. After this inspection after you “cleaned and fixed issues” I feel we are worse off. I have attached a few pictures of the filth. I am not expecting spotless, but this will take hours to get ready to rent again. This is why the quotes to clean I got where so high.

This dude is insane.  I don’t even have a uterus, so I am not sure where these supposed feminine products came from.  He sent pictures to try to back up the inside of the house being “filthy.”

The pictures:
One was of the hard water stains previously mentioned.  One was of some fingerprints that were not wiped off of a switch plate, one was of marks surrounding an air vent from whatever poisoned air was coming out (were we supposed to wash walls?) . One one was behind the refrigerator!  He had no pictures of these supposed nail holes and patching.  In the 2+ years that we lived there we did not even hang our stuff!  That is why I was so eager to hang it at the new place!

Anyway, this is where it all stands now.  And I am a bit pissed off, and will be out a whole lot of money.

For fun, I scoped the dude out on FaceBook.  Looks like the whole time we were moving etc, he was off on some tropical vacation getting married to the woman he has been with for over 10 years and has 4 kids with.  He posts things like this gem:



His new bride, her whole page is Amber Alerts and anti Hilary propaganda.

… aside …  My lunch just got delivered at the gallery and the Asian restaurant gave me a plastic fork instead of chopsticks.  Fuck You Fan Tang.  And not enough veggies!  (I was also daring and ordered a different appetizer than my norm.  Does not look nearly as good.)

I’m hoping to feel a bit better and be active.  Still having headaches post surgery and doing a lot of follow up visits.  They are hoping to identify a cause.  Since the relocation, my husband is also getting debilitating headaches.

Now that I have the internets back and all, I hope to get on here more.  Even though I can’t stand the desert theme that Paul applied to the page.  On my off moments, if anyone just wants to see my daily jackass quick posts, feel free to friend me on the FaceBook: FIND MAZ ON FB

If you are local, stop by the gallery on a Friday.  I sit here all day.

Hope alls y’all are doing well, and thanks for the well wishes while I was away. Paul emailed ’em to me . 🙂 . Thanks Paul!!!

Got to take my kid to a free Meat Puppets show.  He was thrilled!  And damn, they got ugly.

Looking back …

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  1. What a horror story! I can relate though–I was recently evicted by my landlord because the new owner wanted to move in. Then I saw it listed the week after I moved out for a higher rent. AND I never got my key deposit back. I’m ready to sue someone!

  2. Geezus, moving is the worst because nice landlords suddenly turn to assholes and you are at their mercy! Stay strong and try not to let it consume you. You are making positive changes, so focus on that as much as you can!

    Welcome back by the way!

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